Caesar Potato Salad with Sugar Snap Peas

You know how sometimes, when you’re flipping through a cooking magazine, you come across a recipe photo that just screams MAKE ME! to you? This salad was one of those recipes — sure, it sounded interesting enough. But the photo? The photo is what sold me on it. And I’m glad it did, because this Caesar Potato Salad from the June 2009 Bon Appetit was incredibly delicious and totally simple to make! And isn’t it gorgeous!?!

I knew that if I was going to make this salad, that I was going to do it with the variety of potatoes shown in the recipe photo. It took 3 supermarket trips to find purple potatoes, but I didn’t think that was excessive at all! After all I love going to the supermarket/farmers market (I get that from my dad!).

By the way: fellow New Yorkers, find purple potatoes in a mix at Trader Joe’s

I found these multicolored radishes at Fairway (stop #1 of the three-market-tour) and figured they were perfect for my multicolored salad. This picture doesn’t do them justice, the shades of pink were intense!

Slicing the potatoes and radishes shows their colors off even more:

Once everything is prepped, the potatoes and snap peas are steamed:

The dressing is whipped together:

And everything is tossed together:

The recipe says it can be eaten warm or cold . . . we couldn’t wait for it to cool off so we ate ours warm, and it was quite wonderful. Definitely enough as a light dinner, but much more interesting than a typical salad. The tanginess of the dressing and radishes goes really well with the starchy potatoes and crispy snap peas. I’ll definitely be making this dressing in the future for other dishes, too, it was really tasty and totally easy!

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