Food you probably didn’t grow up eating: Rice with a Fried Egg

A cheap, simple, and delicious lunch

As I was eating this for lunch the other day it occurred to me that most of my friends would probably never dream of frying an egg and plopping it on top of leftover rice to create a simple, quick meal . . . and the idea for a new “column” here on A Chef’s Daughter was born. “Things you didn’t grow up eating” probably won’t include much earth-shattering stuff, but I think it’ll give you some fresh ideas for things to make at home. It’ll hopefully also give you some insight into what it’s like growing up eating mostly Latin food! And by “Latin” I don’t mean Mexican, which is what most people seem to think of when they think Latin . . .

I’ll do a post soon on how to make “proper” Brazilian white rice, but for this dish having good white rice isn’t really necessary. Just don’t use Uncle Ben’s!

Because we eat so much white rice, and because it doesn’t hold up all that well to being reheated, there are many traditional ways to “redo” old rice to make it new again. One of the simplest is this one: Fry up an egg or two, leaving the yolk nicely runny, and plop the egg on top of reheated white rice. It may sound weird, and it’s certainly not the prettiest plate, but trust me when I say that it’s delicious. The rice sops up the runny yolk beautifully, and the egg brings out the nutty flavor of the rice itself. All you need as garnish is some salt and pepper, although a bit of Sriracha sauce goes really nicely too if you’re in the mood for a little kick . . .

And before any of you smarty-pants bring it up: no, I did not grow up eating Sriracha sauce, that’s my adult twist on this classic!

5 thoughts on “Food you probably didn’t grow up eating: Rice with a Fried Egg”

  1. I had something similar to this for the first time at the office cafeteria while working in Mumbai. The basmati rice was similar to a fried rice, but better. — It was crazy good.
    Once back in the states, I found something similar a local Vietnamese restaurant in my neighborhood.

    Yum!! Definitly try it!

  2. Yum. Fried eggs with crispy edges but soft runny yokes and boiled rice tossed in a little butter and sesame oil.

  3. I actually did grow up eating eggs and rice! My dad (stepdad) made it with regularity. To this day I still eat it (my 13 month old and I just gobbled up a whole bowl of just before I decided to Google the origin of eggs and rice) and absolutely love it and I’m 40+ years old. In fact, I think I like it better than eggs and grits. My favorite rice is jasmine rice for any dish personally.
    Another way to enjoy your eggs and rice is with some corned beef hash (you can buy it in a can-place in the fridge for several hours or overnight–you want it congealed so that you can slice it into a little round patty, then pan fry until crispy on both sides being careful not to turn to soon or it crumble) then plop in on top with the eggs and cut it all up and Bon Appétit!

  4. Fried runny egg on rice is my ultimate comfort food. My version uses a drizzle of soy sauce instead of salt and pepper. I even fry my egg exactly the same as yours with the slightly crispy edges. Nice to know I eat like a chef’s daughter! Lol.

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