Stacking ovenware and more

Resurrecting Caught my Eye This Week with some awesome goods I’ve discovered recently . . .

Bakeware you can stack in the oven!

Menu Stackable Oven Dishes – Saw this on Tasting Table, very cool! It’s especially perfect for NYC apartments with 3/4 size ovens . . .

Windowsill Mushroom Garden – Also found through Tasting Table (where they have a 20% off coupon!), this “mushroom garden” grows oyster mushrooms from used coffee grounds and needs only a spritz of water! I already ordered mine and cannot wait for my first harvest.

Microplane Twist Herb Mill – came across this herb mill in March’s Real Simple magazine. It looks pretty great but I’m wondering how much of a pain it is to clean it?

Island Bamboo Cutting Board/Drainer -Also from Real Simple magazine, this board’s design drew me in even before I realized what a cool idea this is. A cutting board with a built-in drainer is pretty cool already, but a collapsible drainer so that you can store it flat? Brilliant! This is going on my must-buy list for sure.

— Caught my eye this week is a recurring post featuring cooking-related products and links I found worth mentioning this week. Think you saw something particularly good this week that I missed? Feel free to link to it in the comments!

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