New feature: Daily Photos

I’ve been getting more and more inspired to cook lately and it seems like food and cooking is always on my brain again. It’s nice to be back! It’s ironic that this is happening right now because I’m about to move apartments again and lose my currently fabulous kitchen in return for a standard studio mini-kitchen, but oh well. I can definitely still cook even with a not-as-nice kitchen!

In an effort to resurrect this blog properly I’m starting a new feature, Daily Photos. I’ve been doing this on my knitting blog for about a month now and it’s been so much fun! Pretty much every day I see something inspiring that’s also food-related, so it seems like a no-brainer to document those inspiring moments and share them with you here on the blog.

The photo you see above is of a stack of $1 books at today’s James Beard Foundation’s cookbook sale. I got five books including one that’s all about potatoes . . . can’t wait to start reading it and learn all there is to know about my favorite food!

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