Starting a 4-day detox

So today I started my first-ever detox diet, and really it’s my first-ever diet diet. I guess hitting 30 makes you stop being able to eat whatever you want without putting on the pounds . . . because over the last year or so, I’ve gained over 10 pounds without even noticing it!

When I think about it, it’s really easy to see why I’ve gained weight: work. My coworkers and I go for a coffee run at about once a day, and I usually grab a croissant or cookie or cupcake with the coffee. And at my desk I usually have a bag of something to snack on, which means I end up eating pretty much all day long. And when we go out together after work? That’s at least one beer I wouldn’t have otherwise drank (often more than one!).

So basically, work is making me fat. For the last month or so I’ve been thinking “I have to stop eating so much” but haven’t really done much about it. I substituted my desk snack from chips to carrots, and I started making coffee in the office in order to stay out of the coffee shop with its alluring pastries, but that’s about it. In two weeks I’ll be on a cruise wearing a bathing suit so I’d like to feel a little less gross than I feel right now.

Solution? The 4 Day Diet first module, the detox diet. I have a good friend who swears by it so decided to give it a shot! I won’t list exactly what the diet is because I don’t want to steal from the book, but the basics are simple: lots of water, 40 minutes of cardio per day, very low calorie intake, no meat. What you see above is about half the food for all of today! Surprisingly I haven’t felt hungry yet today, I guess I did a good job spacing out my breakfast (coffee and banana) with my mid-morning snack (yogurt + banana)

In all honestly I’m not even sure I believe in detox diets or cleanses . . . what do you think? Have you tried one in the past? Did it work?

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