A Chef’s Daughter is Ivete Tecedor’s cooking blog. I’m a programmer and co-owner of Gotham Quilts.

Random stuff about me:

  1. Puppy-mom to Arnold, my miniature dachshund (you’ll be seeing him around these parts for sure!)
  2. My Dad is a professional chef. He’s been doing Technical cooking for my whole life, but he used to own a restaurant and has taught in a culinary school. I grew up eating better at home than any of my friends did, and all my HS friends fondly recall the tasty dinners they had at my house (honest!).
  3. I’m a huge nerd (think computers, not Star Trek) and also an artist. I own way more fabric and yarn than is really reasonable…

And, since this is a cooking blog after all:

Favorite Foods:

  • Potatoes, preferably fried
  • Eggs, usually scrambled
  • Mushrooms
  • My Dad’s home cooking

Foods you’ll never see featured on this blog:

  • Licorice
  • Ethiopian food (it’s the texture, I can’t do it)

If you have any questions, feel free to comment! Or click on the “Contact” tab at the top to send me a message if you want it to be private.

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